We know the hard work that goes into being a communications service provider in today’s ever-changing market

And we know the importance of bringing in good business. CCGs goal is to bring New Opportunities to Service Providers, for long-term agreements with thousands of residential units, resulting in strong Return of Investments.

  • Opportunities for Bulk Video, Data, Voice, and Security.
  • No more truck rolls for new installs, reconnects or disconnects with bulk contracts.
  • Terms with Competitive Advantages.

In today’s competitive market Bulk agreements and or agreements with protections from unlimited competition is the only way you can protect your investments. This is “Bankable business”. Securing long-term agreements that will help you secure “Bankable business” is key to the long-term validity of your business plan…and we understand this.

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Win Win Deals

CCG is a professional non-biased consulting company. Our goal is to build long-term relationships with both our clients and The Service Providers for our client’s communities. We are focused on a Win-Win approach. A Win for our clients is to provide them with the best possible service provider for their particular property. The Win for the Service Providers is by gaining new or “renewed” customers in long-term contracts with a solid Return on Investment producing profitable long-term opportunities. This protects the long-term validity of both our clients and the service providers. A Win-Win Deal means that both parties move forward with confidence in knowing a fair and equitable agreement has been executed through a professional and experienced, negotiation process.

Our Pledge to Our Service Providers

1) CCG is committed to providing a fair and equitable bidding process for all service providers.

2) We will only present properties that we represent through a letter of authorization.

3) All bids will remain confidential and will only be shared with the client and information will never be given to other providers regarding your proposals.

4) Once final offers have been secured, CCG will bring all viable proposals to our clients in a professional and non-biased manner. We want you to succeed!

5) We know what is needed to make service agreements work for both the client and the service provider. Our goal is to create a long lasting business relationship between our client and the service provider they choose for their property.