December 3, 2021

Five Tips for Negotiating Bulk Internet Agreements

January 11, 2019

Why Do Service Providers Offer Compensation to HOAs?

The answer isn't as obvious as it may seem. Ryan McCarty explores the topic and clears up the misunderstanding that many Property Managers and Board Member often have when presented with an offer from a service provider..
November 27, 2018

The Basics of Fiber Networks for Community Associations

In recent years, "Fiber" has become the buzz word for cable and internet providers. Alternatively, Fiber may be used as a carrot to incentivize communities to switch providers. Here are a few concepts to keep in mind. . .
November 6, 2018

Red Flags For HOA Cable & Internet Agreements

Whether your community is entering a bulk agreement for telecom services or allowing service providers access to your association’s private property, here are a few red flags to watch out for:
July 11, 2018

Does Our Community Need To Sign a New Access Agreement

July 11, 2018

Massive Shift In How Technology is Viewed by HOA & REIT Communities