We are an independent, non-biased consulting company, working to secure the best value, service choices, and returns from your service providers

The Communications Consulting Group (CCG) has an established track record of working with REITs and institutional clients. We have a documented and well-referenced reputation of increasing our clients’ revenue, while improving their residents’ satisfaction. We are an independent, non-biased consulting company, working to help REIT’s, apartment owners, associations, property managers, and developers secure the best value, service choices, and returns from their service providers. We are proud to represent more than 500,000 residential units nationwide. CCG’s most recent partnership agreement also grants us the exclusive right to present proposals to another 813,000 units across the United States. This means at present, CCG has the ability to negotiate the equivalent of 4,000 properties and 1.3M units. Our team of seasoned telecommunications experts have over 75 years of combined experience working for the largest cable TV and broadband operators in America. Now, we utilize our wealth of industry knowledge to represent our clients’ interests.

Are your properties being compensated correctly? How is your revenue share calculated? Are all of your payments audited? We will review your existing agreements at no charge!

Our Process

Professional Assessment of Current Agreements

CCG will confidentially analyze and review all of your telecommunications agreements free of charge. If and when superior opportunities exist, CCG will present options for your review. CCG and its legal team has reviewed more than 100,000 telecommunications contracts. Our experience allows us to quickly identify strengths and weaknesses of each proposal.

Revenue Assurance

CCG will audit and review all revenue share payments to ensure your communities are being compensated correctly. If service providers have not satisfied their payment obligations with 100% accuracy, CCG will seek back payment and return lost revenue to your community. CCG ensures that all terms, services, and revenues guaranteed in the existing agreement are satisfied fully and accurately.

Turn Key Communications Consulting/Portfolio Management

CCG’s reputation is founded upon proven results and years of successful negotiations. CCG acts as an advocate for its clients during the negotiating process and provides continuous support throughout the term of new agreements. We support you through every phase: bidding, negotiations, contract execution, actual installation; and activation of services.

“CCG has been a fantastic partner with UMH. Their knowledge and expertise in managing our portfolio for cable and telecom has yielded positive results equating to hundreds of thousands of dollars in new revenue streams.”

-Craig Foster, General Council UMH Properties, INC

Legal Services

We guarantee that your properties will never be undercompensated or neglected by their service providers. In addition to our telecommunications experts, our legal service is far beyond what our competitors provide. We have two in-house attorneys who will review each and every one of your service agreements.


Multifamily Market
1We currently have an in-house individual or outside counsel who negotiates these type of agreements for us. Why have CCG do it instead?
We are experts at managing telecom agreements for your entire portfolio. You may have one person working on your agreements. The difference is CCG has a team that will ensure that all of your agreements are current and that your investments will be” future-proofed” with the latest in technology. If you own a large number of properties, are you sure you are being compensated correctly? Additionally, CCG uses a cooperative approach as we are negotiating up to 50,000 units at any given time. This enables us to obtain the most competitive rates and services for our clients. You may be receiving revenue today but CCG may be able to double that for you! No other team has the expertise and background of CCG, we guarantee it! If you are paying someone a flat rate to negotiate your contracts, there is no incentive to ensure that you are getting the best deal. We have a vested interest in your success and look forward to professionally assessing your telecom position.
2What if we have properties in multiple states?
CCG is a national firm and we work with clients who have investments across the United States and Canada. We work with the Corporate and Regional offices of all the providers and are in contact with them on a daily basis.
3How do you find cell tower opportunities for our properties?
CCG has partnered with one of the largest cell tower leasing companies in the United States. Once you become our client, we will add your properties to the database so if an opportunity comes up in one of your areas, CCG can ensure that your property is considered.
4We are currently getting revenue share on some of our properties. How do we know we are getting paid the right amount?
That is a great question! CCG will audit your existing agreements and provide revenue assurance with our extensive knowledge of provider billing systems.
5What other services does CCG provide for investment clients?
CCG has a 3 phase process for our portfolio clients: We provide audit and revenue assurance for existing agreements. We renegotiate contracts earlier for maximum leverage and benefit. We bring every single revenue generating opportunity to you that we are able to seek out.