Community Association FAQ's

1Our property management company / legal representative has negotiated these agreements in the past. Why should we retain CCG?
Although a reasonable outcome may have been achieved, you cannot effectively negotiate telecommunications contracts unless you know the costs of infrastructure. Our team members have negotiated these same contracts on behalf of the large service providers, and understand the return on investment models that are utilized. Your attorney, property manager, and board members may be exceptional negotiators; however, CCG's volume and knowledge of infrastructure costs helps maximize our clients' leverage. CCG takes advantage of the collective bargaining power of our clients as we negotiate up to 50,000 units at any given time. Unless your representative is negotiation telecommunications contracts on a full-time basis, they are leaving dollars on the table and are not maximizing your contractual protection.
2Can you really negotiate a lower bulk cable rate?
Absolutely! Because CCG represents over 500,000 units nationwide and is constantly negotiating with the telecommunications service providers across the company, our volume, expertise, and experience will guarantee your community will get the best possible rates, equipment and the best technologies possible.
3We do not have a bulk contract and our owners’ pay their own bills, how is CCG relevant to our community?
The large service providers obtain a substantial amount of revenue from serving your residents. Our job is to ensure that your association shares the financial benefits. Boards have the fiduciary responsibility and commitment to their Association to ensure they are receiving all the compensation appropriate for their community. CCG reviews land records and easement agreements to determine if the Association should be receiving compensation from their providers. These easements and land use agreements protect the association and often provide compensation. And if negotiated correctly can ensure your Community continues better customer service and the latest in technologies. Without representation, the service providers will only be looking out for their interests.
4Why do cable companies offer compensation to communities?
Subscribers are key assets in cable company valuations. One subscriber is worth upward of $5,000 when determining the total valuation of that service provider. For illustrative purposes, multiply $5,000 by the units in your community and you will how valuable your residents are to your cable provider. For example, a 200-unit community has a value of $1,000,000+ to your operator. It is good business to acquire and retain customers since turnover is infrequent. Shareholders, investors, and banks factor subscriber numbers into their valuation metrics.
5What additional opportunities exist for my community?
Technology is changing every day and telecommunications companies are seeking business relationships with communities like yours. CCG has a reputation for unveiling new opportunities to clients. From cell towers to campus Wi-Fi networks and everything in between, CCG will help your community capitalize on evolving technology.
6If our association gets compensated by a cable provider, who gets the money?
The compensation is paid directly to the association.
7The cable company is offering compensation to sign their contract, what do we do?
Do not sign the contract. How do you know it’s the right amount? Time and time again we see a dollar amount thrown to hurry an execution of a contract only to find tens of thousands of dollars or more left on the table. CCG works on a contingent fee basis- there are no upfront costs to investigate your telecommunications position. Before you sign anything, get us involved and unless we positively impact your community, there is no fee for CCG's service.

Multifamily Market Segment/Investment Properties FAQ's

1We currently have an in-house individual or outside counsel who negotiates these type of agreements for us. Why have CCG do it instead?
We are experts at managing telecom agreements for your entire portfolio. You may have one person working on your agreements. The difference is CCG has a team that will ensure that all of your agreements are current and that your investments will be” future-proofed” with the latest in technology. If you own a large number of properties, are you sure you are being compensated correctly?? Additionally, CCG uses a cooperative approach as we are negotiating up to 50,000 units at any given time. This enables us to obtain the most competitive rates and services for our clients. You may be receiving revenue today but CCG may be able to double that for you! No other team has the expertise and background of CCG. We guarantee it! If you are paying someone a flat rate to negotiate your contracts, there is no incentive to ensure that you are getting the best deal. You get what you pay for!
2What if we have properties in multiple states?
CCG is a national firm and we work with clients who have investments across the United States and Canada. We work with the Corporate and Regional offices of all the providers and are in contact with them on a daily basis.
3How do you find cell tower opportunities for our properties?
CCG has partnered with one of the largest cell tower leasing companies in the United States. Once you become our client, we will add your properties to the database so if an opportunity comes up in one of your areas, CCG can ensure that your property is considered.
4We are currently getting revenue share on some of our properties. How do we know we are getting paid the right amount?
That is a great question! CCG will audit your existing agreements and provide revenue assurance with our extensive knowledge of provider billing systems.
5What other services does CCG provide for investment clients?
CCG has a 3 phase process for our portfolio clients:
  • We provide audit and revenue assurance for existing agreements.
  • We renegotiate contracts earlier for maximum leverage and benefit.
  • We bring every single revenue generating opportunity to you that we are able to seek out.

Developers FAQ's

1What does CCG know about working with developers?
CCG frequently works with developers and recognize that each one is different and unique. Some may have many projects in various phases at any given time, while another may work on one or two projects at a time. We work with developers of condo projects, multifamily apartment housing and single family home developments.
2How do I assure that my community will have the latest in technology compared to other communities in my area?
CCG acts as the advocate for you and your development community. We work to ensure that your project will have the latest and greatest technology to increase value and future-proof for the ever-changing technology landscape.
3How do I get the cable/internet/phone company to serve my community and respond to my requests?
CCG does this for you. We get proposals and do the follow-up to ensure that you are getting the timely responses needed to move forward with the right telecommunication services for your project.
4Do I want to include bulk pricing in my community?
Each property and project is unique. We can review the options and data with you as well as get proposals so you can make the most informed decision on creating value for your development.
5Do I want to own my utility easements after turning the property over to the Association Board?
It depends on the circumstance. Many developers turn over the easement rights after an agreed time period but we have some who have kept the rights in perpetuity. CCG can assist you in making the best choice for your situation.
6Do I want to provide my own telecommunication services?
We generally do not recommend to clients to provide their own when there are so many provider options available. The additional time and money is better spent elsewhere by the developer and you can be compensated by the provider you choose for your community.
7Can I get reimbursed for inside wiring?
Yes, depending on the project and provider choice. CCG will explore all options for you and bring you the best proposal(s) for your community.
8Can CCG assist with all phases from proposal to installation?
Yes, we can! In fact, CCG is able to keep the process flowing so that key construction and installation timelines are met. We are the liaison for you if you are not getting the responses you need. We will act as your advocates through the term of any agreement we negotiate for you.

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