We advocate for community associations – giving them a powerful voice that garners the attention of the cable giants

Are you a board member or a property manager? Here at CCG, we understand that you have a responsibility to your community to obtain the best possible prices, services and contractual protections for your residents.


Unique Insiders Perspective

The CCG team has a combined 75 years of experience working as former executives for the largest cable tv and broadband providers in America. Our unique insider’s perspective gives us an incomparable competitive advantage when advocating for you!

Our Team of Industry Experts

When you choose CCG’s industry experts, you get our whole team on your side: expert contract negotiators, our legal team, and our all-star account executives.

Benefit From Our Relationships

Because of our relationships and our volume, CCG can negotiate offers you cannot get on your own. Our buying power will make a noticeable difference for your community.

Performance Based

You hire our firm on a contingency basis – there are no out-of-pocket costs to acquire our team of experts.

The cable and internet service providers have expert negotiators, attorneys, and industry professionals working on behalf of their interests. Your community should, too.

Bulk Contracts

CCG’s core business is assessing our client’s needs for their community, association, developments and/or rental communities and bringing all possible communication service providers together in a proven 3-phase bidding process.

Easement Agreements

If you are a gated community, own your roads or are a Condominium Association, you should have existing access agreements on file from all of your providers. CCG will do a complete review, obtain missing agreements and negotiate access agreements to protect your community and provide compensation in many cases.

Marketing Agreements

If you’re a gated community, own your roads, or are a Condominium Association, you should have existing access agreements on file from all your providers. CCG will do a complete review, obtain missing agreements, and negotiate access agreements to protect your community and in many cases, provide compensation. There are often opportunities to form marketing partnerships with providers which can create a revenue stream for your community, and solidify a business relationship between your community and your providers.

New Technologies

CCG works hard to maintain expertise in all new and upcoming technologies. Future-proofing your community is crucial to attracting new residents and preserving property values.

Cell Tower Agreements

CCG proactively markets clients’ properties to cellular providers to take advantage of new revenue opportunities. Cellular providers seek land and rooftops to install the following: new cell sites, small cell antennas, DAS systems, and traditional cell phone towers. The combination of CCG’s expertise and vast industry network will provide your properties with the best opportunity for attracting cell tower agreements.

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Community Associations
1How will CCG impact my community?
We are experts in all aspects of telecommunication contracts. We will ensure that your community is future-proofed and negotiate the best possible services, prices and incentives. In addition, we will organize all of your telecommunications documents for your board’s reference in the future. Our interests are 100% aligned with our clients as CCG never accepts compensation or kickbacks from service providers. The team at CCG prides itself on putting communities first and maintaining an unbiased relationship with service providers.
2Our property management company/ legal representative has negotiated these agreements in the past. Why should we retain CCG?
Although a reasonable outcome may have been achieved, you cannot effectively negotiate telecommunications contracts unless you know the costs of infrastructure. Our team members have negotiated these same contracts on behalf of the large service providers and understand the return on investment models that are utilized. Your attorney, property manager, and board members may be exceptional negotiators; however, CCG’s volume and knowledge of infrastructure costs helps maximize our clients’ leverage. CCG takes advantage of the collective bargaining power of our clients as we negotiate up to 50,000 units at any given time. Unless your representative is negotiating telecommunications contracts on a full-time basis, they are leaving dollars on the table and are not maximizing your contractual protection.
3We do not have a bulk contract and our owners pay their own bills, how is CCG relevant to our community?
The large service providers obtain a substantial amount of revenue from serving your residents. Our job is to ensure that your association shares the financial benefits. Boards have a fiduciary responsibility and a commitment to their residents to safeguard the financial well-being of their community. CCG reviews land records and easement agreements to determine if the association should be receiving compensation from their service providers. In addition, these service agreements protect the association from a liability perspective. Without professional representation, your community will not receive aqueduct contractual protections and the service providers will only protect their own interests.
4Why do cable companies offer compensation to communities?
Subscribers are key assets in cable company valuations. One subscriber is worth upwards of $5,000 when determining the total valuation of that service provider. For illustrative purposes, multiply $5,000 by the units in your community and you will see how valuable your residents are to your cable provider. For example, a 200-unit community has a value of $1,000,000+ to your operator. It is good business to acquire and retain customers since turnover is infrequent. Shareholders, investors, and banks factor subscriber numbers into their valuation metrics.
5What additional opportunities exist for my community?
Technology is changing every day and telecommunications companies are seeking business relationships with communities like yours. CCG has a reputation for unveiling new opportunities to clients. From cell towers to campus Wi-Fi networks and everything in between, CCG will help your community capitalize on evolving technology.