Christopher T. Merrell

Founder and President

Email: [email protected]

Office: (866) 901-0337

Mr. Merrell has over 30 years of experience in the telecommunications industry. After graduating from Presbyterian College, he ascended through various roles in the telecommunications industry. He started in sales and installations and eventually held executive positions with Adelphia Communications, TCI cable, and Primestar/DIRECTV. His latest role prior to founding CCG was Executive Director of AT&T Broadband, now Comcast Communications. Beyond his corporate positions, he owned DigiTech Satellite and was a franchise owner of ADT/Protection One Security. During his career, Mr. Merrell has been a leading advocate for various types of reform in the telecommunications industry. Mr. Merrell worked closely with the FCC and local governments to pave the way for the direct to home satellite business. After spending 16 years protecting the interests of large cable companies, Mr. Merrell realized that community associations and apartment owners were not adequately represented in their telecommunications dealings. He observed representatives of community associations and institutional investors with very little practical experience in the telecommunications industry. Seeing an opportunity to use his experience and insight to help communities, Mr. Merrell founded the Communications Consulting Group in 2004. The vision was simple; assemble the most experienced team of telecommunications professionals with insider knowledge of competition, valuations, infrastructure costs, and service costs. In turn, use this insider knowledge and a team-oriented approach to improve the telecommunications positions of CCG’s clients.You may contact Christopher by email at [email protected].