Create new revenue opportunities for your community

CELL TOWER AGREEMENTS CCG proactively markets their clients’ properties to cellular providers to create new revenue opportunities. Cellular providers seek land and rooftops to install the following: new cell sites, small cell antennas, DAS systems, and traditional cell phone towers. The combination of CCG’s expertise and vast industry network will provide your properties with the best opportunity for attracting cell tower agreements. YOUR IN-HOUSE TECHNOLOGY EXPERT CCG serves as the client’s in-house expert on all new technologies. Future-proofing your community is crucial to the success and longevity of your community. Service providers are eager to demonstrate and even provide, at no cost, some of these new technologies in exchange for a business relationship with a CCG client. Rest assured that your investment properties are future-proofed and on the cutting edge of the rapidly changing technology landscape.

Additional Income Partnership

CCG also has a partnership with where we are able to list our clients’ properties for revenue leasing opportunities. is a virtual land marketplace where landowners can choose the industries they are interested in and list their properties for cell tower leases, outdoor advertising, renewable energy and more.