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Who We Are

CCG is an independent, non-biased consulting company, working to help residential associations, property managers, REIT’s, apartment owners, and developers secure the best value,service choices, and returns from their cable and internet service providers.

Advocating for Associations

At CCG we advocate for residential associations by giving them the power to stand up to the cable giants. We have an established track record of advocating for HOAs, and COAs with their telecommunications contracts, and negotiations for over 15 years.

One Team One Objective

Advocate for your residential community! We have your associations residents in mind, just like you do. Our mission aligns with your fiduciary responsibility

“Increasing your residential association’s revenue while also improving your residents’ satisfaction”

Whether you are on a association board or a property manager, we know you have fiduciary responsibility to your community to obtain the best possible prices, services and returns for your community’s residents.

Why Choose Us?

The cable and internet companies have expert negotiators, attorneys, and account executives working for their interest, and so should you..

Unique Insider's Perspective

The CCG team has a combined 75 years of experience working as former executives for the largest cable tv and broadband providers in America, now representing our clients’ interests. Our unique “insider’s perspective” gives us a competitive advantage when advocating for you!

Our Team of Industry Experts

When you choose CCG’sindustry experts you get our whole team on yourside; expert contract negotiators, ourlegal team, and our all-star account executives.

National Client Base

We are proud to represent more than 500,000 residential units nationwide. CCG also has the exclusive right to present proposals to another 813,000 units across the United States with a recently completed partnership agreement. This is equivalent to 4,000 properties and 1.3M units which CCG is able to negotiate.

Benefit From Our Relationships

Because of our relationships and our volume, CCG is able to get offers you cannot get on your

Performace Based

You hire our firm on a contingency basis, no out of pocket costs to acquire our team of experts.

Bottom Line

“We guarantee that your residential association will never be under compensated or neglected by their cable and internet service providers!

Services Agreements

Let CCG Be Your Expert

WHY CHoose us

Expertise You Can Rely On

Team Experience

CCG has over 75 years of combined executive level experience in Telecommunications contracts, services, easements, engineering....
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Insider Knowledge

Knowing the cost of programming, construction, networks, and services provides critical information necessary to formulate a real deal....
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National Client Base

CCG Currently represents over 1,800 client communities in 48 states and Canada. 500,000 residential units available for contract...
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Performance Based

You hire our firm on a contingency basis, so there is no out of pocket costs to acquire our team of experts for your real estate assets.
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The Cable & Internet Companies Have Expert Negotiators, Attorneys & Account Executives Working For Their Interests, So Should You!  Contact Us